March home store promotions are fully launched

After the Lantern Festival, as the temperature rises, the country's major home stores have also opened their doors to welcome customers. The consumers of home stores have gradually increased, but the industry generally believes that the official start of the market still needs to wait until after the Lantern Festival or even March. . Some stores and brands also said that large-scale promotions will be held in March to attract consumers.

Store promotion has started

During the Spring Festival holiday, there were home stores and brand independent stores, and Red Star Macalline and Jimei Home began to operate normally on February 14 (the first day of the first month). Actually, the home of the Internet and the top 100 international furniture were also On February 16th, I opened the door. On February 17th, our reporter visited the Red Star Meikailong East Fourth Ring Store and the Real Home Shilihe Store. From the scene, most of the stores have consumers in consultation.

In the Shilihe store of the actual home, the reporter learned that the store has launched the “100 back 15” promotion since February 16th. The sales staff of the lace mattress introduced a 6800 yuan mattress to the reporter. After that, it only costs 5,900 yuan, which is equivalent to 8.6 fold." In addition, the activities of Jimei Home and Lan Jingli's family were still in progress, and the Oriental Home (District Network Forum) Home Plaza also launched many discounts on February 15.

In the Red Star Meikailong North Fourth Ring Store, the salesperson of the ideal space said that in order to welcome the upcoming new products, the current sample of the store is sold at a discount of 20%, and the new product with the same sample and sample is also 20% off, which is very affordable.

Although the promotion has kicked off, the heads of the major stores have said that the market has not yet officially launched. On the one hand, some consumers and merchants did not return to Beijing. On the other hand, new products of various brands did not start to be officially released. Chen Ailing, general manager of Yihua Home Beijing, said that although it opened its doors on February 16th, the current work is still based on delivery and installation. “Most consumers have booked the order before the year. There are more people, maybe the consumers who plan to decorate in the spring."

March offers concentrated

During the interview, the reporter learned that most stores and brands put their sights on March. Wen Shiquan, chairman of Yifeng Furniture, said that sales in February are usually not high. At this time, manufacturers will not be very cheap, and the activities of the stores are not too big. "Now people are getting better and better for themselves. The time of vacation is better to watch movies, eat and eat, and not want to take this time to choose furniture."

Mei Xuhang, director of operations and management of the actual home management department, said that the home will launch a new service promise in March this year, and the specific content has not been released. “The first day of our opening campaign was also a pre-war for this commitment.” Liu Yang, deputy general manager of Chengwai Chengjia Plaza, also said that Chengwai Cheng will continue the style of precision marketing last year and design different themes at different stages. For example, there may be activities such as “collecting model rooms” in spring. Chen Ailing also said that the activities of Yihua Home will start from March 8th Women's Day and continue to "3.15".

In addition, the activities of most brand stores are in the process of preparation. The relevant person in charge of Hansgrohe said that the market is still cold, and the main job of the company is to prepare for the activities in March. Yin Yuxin, deputy general manager of Oriental Home Furnishing Plaza, also said that there will be activities in March, but there is no detailed content released.

Shen Yaojun, vice president of Jimei Home Furnishing, said that in March and April each year, the brand will focus on launching new products. At that time, there will be some low-priced processing of old products, so it is not a good time to bargain. Liu Yang also believes that many merchants are smashing goods at the end of the year. The current concessions are not large. The sales data of all major stores are also normal sales, not too high or too low. From the passenger flow point of view, the market is picking up this year, and the industry is very optimistic.

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