TPA-â…¡ Tuina Manipulator

The measuring instrument can measure the parameters of the dynamic characteristics of massage manipulation, and conduct quantitative and objective research, thereby changing the traditional massage manipulation teaching mode and overcoming the subjectivity and randomness of teachers in teaching and demonstration. After the manipulative mechanical signal is input into the computer through the force measurement platform and A / D conversion card, the computer processes, measures, processes, statistically analyzes, prints, stores, and reproduces all data.

System Composition The Tuina Manipulation Parameter Tester is an instrument used to determine the kinetic characteristics of Tuina Manipulation, including hardware and software. The hardware consists of the force measuring platform, A / D conversion card and computer. The software will analyze and manage all the captured data, output and print the results.

Main functions and features

A. The mechanical signals of the massage technique are collected around the measuring force level, and are equipped with strain sensors that can identify the up, down, left, right, and front and back directions, and can sense the change of small force. Therefore, this force measurement is based on the manipulation of force from the three-dimensional space table, and fully reflects the vector characteristics of the force. These sensor signals are converted into computer changes, amplified by the kinetic energy resistance strain gauge, and then converted into digital signals by the A / D conversion card and input into the computer.
B. Data analysis and management system

(1) Main features
1. Based on the WIN95 / 98 platform, the hardware configuration is 586 computers, the memory is at least 64M, the video disc above 600M, and the display memory is above 32M.
2. With the help of WINDOWS interface features, the selection and operation of each main function is simple and easy.
3. Complete system functions: different user operation interfaces, data acquisition, data editing, data analysis, data management, result printing, etc.
4. Intelligent function prompts to guide users to operate the system.
5. All functions are easy to operate, just slide the mouse to complete.
6. An expert database is built, and all data are true and reliable.

(2) Main functions
1. Different operation interfaces (including: administrator users, ordinary users, and individual users).
2. For individual user management, individual users and methods can be added or deleted in the administrator user interface, and personal passwords can be established.
3. Data acquisition (sampling frequency, operator, technique type, operation time).
4. Data editing (data selection, data editing).
5. Data analysis (three-dimensional pressure curve, resultant force trajectory, trajectory area ratio, average period, average period error, standard error level).
6. Data management (addition and deletion of data, classification, printing of results, etc.).
7. Quick help function.

System Configuration
1. Tuina manipulation test platform
2. A / D conversion card (ASL interface)
3. Computer system: CPU (500Hz), memory (60M), video disc (600M)
4. A set of data analysis management software and system specifications
5. Printer

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