Solution deaeration

In the polarographic determination, there are two key factors to eliminate liquid and oxygen, there are two methods: chemical method and physical method.

1. Chemical method:

It is convenient to release the chemical reagents (usually sodium sulfite for neutral or slightly alkaline solution, sodium carbonate for slightly alkaline, and ascorbic acid for slightly acidic). However, it is often inconvenient to use because of the pH limitation of the solution and the interference of reagent impurities.

2. Physical method:

Although it is inconvenient to pass inert gas alone, it has a wide range of application and good effects. Hydrogen generators are commonly used for high-purity nitrogen and high-purity hydrogen (99.9%) hydrogen. If nitrogen cannot reach (99.9%) hydrogen, hydrogen generator can be used. If nitrogen cannot reach (99.9%) or more, ordinary nitrogen can be used after chemical oxygen removal. The scrubbing device is composed of several 250ml scrubbing cylinders. The scrubbing cylinders can be filled with various solutions in sequence. You can choose one of the following two sets (the volume of the loaded solution is 150ml)

(1) 1% ammonium metavanadate solution-0.5% sodium anthraquinone sulfonate-distilled water-empty bottle

(2) 6% Potassium permanganate—10% pyrogallic acid—concentrated sulfuric acid—distilled water—empty bottle

(3) 10% pyrogallic acid + 10% NaOH-empty bottle

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