Knowledge of anti-counterfeiting technology of cigarette pack ink

Ink is not only one of the basic materials for printing, but also is endowed with many unique properties, making it play a huge role in the anti-counterfeiting of cigarette packets.

1. Anti-counterfeiting technology of fluorescent ink

Fluorescent ink anti-counterfeiting technology is a method that uses fluorescent ink to print and package to prevent forgery. The pattern printed with fluorescent ink, the light disappears immediately after the ultraviolet light is turned off. Anyang Cigarette Factory used this technology on the hard-turned special "Hongqiqu" cigarette pack developed in 1997. If you observe it under the UV lamp of the money detector, you will see a round of red sun thinning on the "Hongqiqu" Out.

2. Luminous ink anti-counterfeiting technology

Luminous ink anti-counterfeiting technology uses ink with light absorption, light storage, and luminescence functions to print cigarette packs, and consumers can also see patterns or text in the dark. Like the "Gutian" cigarette pack of Longyan Cigarette Factory, the torch pattern is still visible when viewed under night light.

3. DNA ink anti-counterfeiting technology

DNA ink anti-counterfeiting technology is printed with DNA ink. The uniqueness of DNA determines that the printed matter has an independent identity. If this password sign is imported into the commodity, it will be given a non-biological genetic mark. In addition to counterfeiting commodities, commodity counterfeiters must counterfeit the same DNA as cryptographic DNA. In theory, the latter counterfeiting is impossible. At present, this anti-counterfeiting technology has been applied to the cigarette packs of the times version "Panda", diamond "Furong Wang" and "Yellow Crane Tower".

4. Anti-counterfeiting technology of temperature change ink

The temperature-change ink anti-counterfeiting technology is that when a heat source such as a lighter flame is close to a specific position of the cigarette pack or the pattern text, the pattern text changes. The small squares around the lion head on the "Red Stone Lion" cigarette packs produced by Xiamen Cigarette Factory are printed with temperature-change ink. When the temperature rises, the color of the small squares will become lighter and will be restored when the temperature is restored.

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