Two differences between flexo and emboss

The two basic differences between flexo and embossing are: the short ink system of the ink on the anilox roller and the transfer structure of the metal embossing roller.

(1) Anilox roller inking system. Flexographic printing uses an anilox roller known as a metering roller and a rubber ink roller with a reversed single doctor blade structure, or a fully enclosed chamber-type doctor blade structure. The ink roller and reverse single scraper configuration can use low viscosity liquid inks, such as aqueous inks and solvent inks, and can also use pasty inks, ie, UV flexo inks. The flexo-printed anilox and doctor blade system provides a more reliable and stable supply of ink than other printing processes. Failure analysis and exclusion

(2) The three axes of the anilox roller, the plate roller, and the embossing roller have an isosceles right-angled triangle distribution. That is, the platen roller occupies the top of the isosceles right-angled triangle, and the anilox roller and the embossing roller reside on the left and right sides of the lower part respectively. . This distribution structure Océ, so that the version of the roller at the top of the printing unit, changing the version is easy. When adjusting the inking pressure and printing pressure, generally only need to adjust the upper and lower position of the printing roller. If fine-tuning is required, the two methods should be adopted. For high-end flexo press prepress processes, such as the American Kang's Canco, the structure adopts isosceles right angle triangle distribution and then tilts the angle θ, which not only maintains the fast and easy features of the traditional model change. In addition, the influence of the gravity of the printing roller itself on the printing pressure is reduced to a very low level. The latest type of servo model is to align the anilox roller, plate roller, and the three-axis of the embossing roller in a straight line, which completely avoids the influence of the gravure force of the plate roller on the printing pressure. Surface chrome-plated high-precision metal embossing roller stamping hot stamping indentation, according to the size of the imprinting force of each color group caused by the damping of the printing base material, the use of increasing diameter to increase the line speed compensation, in order to ensure that before printing substrate The uniform speed function ensures the overlay accuracy.

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