Start a lesson! How to buy stationery products at an affordable price

At the end of the two-month summer vacation, how can we rationally add student supplies to the stationery products that have generally risen in price?

Reasonable consumption does not seek luxury

In recent years, with the development of the stationery industry, more and more student stationery has purchased stationery because of its unique design and stylish appearance. However, the price of student stationery has also been "sautéed". Stationery is practical in the end. There are some high-priced stationery on the market, such as pens or other high-tech stationery products, the value of which is either a collection or a business person's office equipment. Most of these extravagant stationery are not suitable for students to use.

Consumption by volume

Some of the stationery consumption is one-time consumption. For example, a schoolbag may be enough for one semester; some are for daily consumption, and are in a continuous cost. For example, the refill of the water-based pen and so on. The nature of one-time consumption does not need to say that one buys one and then replaces it. However, for the stationery that consumes such refills, it is best not to buy too much at one time to purchase three or four times a semester, so that it can be used and adjusted in time.

Determine the size of the purchase

At the beginning of the school, the opening packages of major businesses have sprung up. Group buying and online shopping models have also brought a lot of benefits. Buying stationery in wholesale form, or group buying on the Internet, is becoming more and more popular. The choice of online shopping and partnership-sharing modes can effectively save on purchase costs.

Under the “one-child policy” of the country, in order to grow up for a single child, a family is often willing to work harder on the cost of learning children. But this does not mean the payment of high-priced products, reasonable consumption not only saves the cost of stationery purchase, but also cultivates the correct consumption habits and ideas of children.

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