4 timeless whitening secrets

4 timeless whitening secrets

1, warm water & cold water alternate cleansing. - clean and shrink pores

Do not think that whitening is based on a variety of maintenance of various sunscreens, in fact, cleaning should be placed in the first place, if the cleaning work is not in place, then the skin care steps and products will be greatly reduced. Choose a deep cleansing and whitening hydrating double-effect cleansing product, then use warm water and cool water to wash your face alternately. It helps the skin to clean and promote metabolism to complete the first step of the whitening plan. It also helps to solve the problem of large pores and loose skin. Waiting for skin problems.

Note: Wash the oil and dirt with warm water first, then calm the skin with cold water to help the pores shrink. Do not use the cleansing products containing exfoliating granules too frequently, especially the sensitive skin MM should be used with caution.

4 timeless whitening secrets

2, adhere to the face. - Create a perfect skin foundation.

The application mentioned here does not refer to the mask. The mask used every day can not achieve the expected skin care effect, but it will cause skin sensitivity, rejection and dependence due to excessive nutrition and moisture. We also encourage everyone to make some simple facial masks at home with toner and cotton pad. Applying a cotton pad soaked in toner to the face for 10 minutes can make a powerful hydrating and deep whitening effect, and it is more like the mask. For gentle skin care.

Note: It is best to use this method before going to bed, and do not need to use it daily, three times a week, after 28 days, you can clearly see the improvement of the skin.

4 timeless whitening secrets

3, drink plenty of water, healthy eating, regularity of work - from the inside out healthy whitening.

The human body needs 8 glasses of water a day, so drinking more water can not only make up for the lack of water caused by sweating, but also help the skin's metabolism to promote detoxification. This is the effect of all the "8 cups of water" mask on the market. Staying up late is one of the skin killers. People who stay up late often have dull faces and poor color. This is because 10 to 2 o'clock at night is the key moment for body detoxification, and it is also the golden time for skin self-repair. The time period has not been well trimmed, so the skin's function will be reduced overall, and skin care is naturally impossible to talk about. Diet is also a key factor in whitening. There are many vegetables and fruits that can help the skin whiten, especially the fruit whitening effect with a lot of vitamin C.

Note: It is not advisable to drink water for half an hour before going to bed, so as not to cause edema in the morning. Many vegetables contain optically reflected ingredients that do more harm than good for whitening. For example: carrots, celery, etc. They are very prone to pigmentation and cause spots.

4 timeless whitening secrets

4, to avoid the whitening mine area - step by step is not anxious is the whitening and tender skin king.

Whitening masks or whitening essences. These products need a certain amount of time to brighten the complexion. In general, the skin's metabolic cycle is 28 days. After 28 days of use, you will be qualified to speak. Do not blindly listen to advertising and publicity. Those who are so-called 7-day-american, white-white products generally add hormones and unsafe ingredients. Even if they can temporarily whiten the effect, they will often To make the skin dependent, or damage the skin, then it runs counter to the original intention of skin care, not worth the loss.

Note: There is no free lunch in the world. In the short term, the more effective whitening method can only be achieved by medical beauty. It is often accompanied by certain risks. Care should be taken when choosing. If it fails, it will cause irreparable damage to the skin. I regret it later.

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