Make-up is no longer just following the trend


Make-up should reflect mood rather than popularity, so remember to turn the color wheel before buying.

"Color" does not only reflect the pursuit of fashion. Now, there is a British maintenance brand and the famous behavioral therapist Ladykennedy, seeking to use color science to understand the psychological needs of each consumer and the appropriate color. They also advocate that make-up is not just a fashion or fashion cosmetics, but a personality performance that they decide.

Picking up makeup, no longer just follow the trend, LUSH public relations Qiu Xiaoyu suggested, first play a game! Gently turn the color wheel and choose the color you feel most when you stop. It may not be your favorite color or match the day's clothing, it may just be pure attraction. And the colors you choose, each with corresponding makeup and meaning, the first choice is to say your strengths, the second is to represent your subconscious needs, and the final choice is to symbolize your needs. Required weapons or qualifications.

Rowena, the inventor of this collection, further stated that this unique color game was inspired by her love for lipstick. Sometimes she would rub the same color lipstick for several days, but sometimes she could change a variety of colors in one day and later discovered What affects oneself is not the clothing mix, but the mood of oneself.


And the colorful magic series that will be launched globally on July 21st, a total of 30 items of lip gloss honey, eyeliner and eye color candied fruit.

At the same time, Rowena was often asked when she was interviewed, she could not afford to have a lot of makeup when going to the island, and she always answered without thinking: mascara, makeup cream and powder. Therefore, this time LUSH launched the makeup series for the first time, and she hopes to add these items.

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