Elegant and fresh Oriental Bang Tai Nordic style cabinet

As people pay more and more attention to decoration, the style is also diverse, and the European style is now popular among the public. As the focus of home decoration, the kitchen must be integrated with the entire decoration style, and it should not be sloppy. The market's dazzling cabinets made us pick the eye, then today Xiaobian will recommend a Oriental Bang Tai Nordic style cabinet .

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At first glance, this cabinet will make people's eyes shine, giving people a feeling of light and fresh, elegant white texture, supplemented by practical L style, plus the central console reflects the strong European style, very suitable for European style and even modern It is used by rustic families. Full-featured, it is well suited to all the needs of home cooking.

product material

This whole cabinet cabinet board has been upgraded to “Aige F**** (Super E0 grade) sheet.” Since its establishment, Dongfang Bangtai cabinet has always adhered to the concept of health and environmental protection, and has always been ahead of the high standards of the Chinese cabinet industry. Strictly control the raw materials for cabinet production and processing.

A good molded plate has three characteristics:

1. Model “Three-dimensional”: The cutter head of the advanced boring and milling machine is controlled by digital, and the door panel has precise shape and strong stereoscopic effect.

2, the corner "smooth": advanced grinding equipment, the door panel is flat, the corners are smooth.

3, the film is "firm": the vacuum effect and temperature control effect of advanced equipment is good. The brand enterprise pays attention to the film, pays attention to the glue, vivid shape, and integrates the film and the board.

Hardware Accessories

Hardware is an important part of the cabinet. The quality and performance of the hardware affect the quality and performance of the cabinet, and the price of the hardware affects the price of the derailment. Hardware has two major functions: 1. Make the items in the cabinets sorted and placed in order; 2. Ensure the perfect combination of cabinet and cabinet doors, open and close, and use smoothly. Hardware is divided into functional hardware and standard hardware. Functional hardware: pull basket, rice box, seasoning basket, garbage bin and various functional pendants; standard hardware: hinge, slide rail, steel shaft, support. Oriental Bangtai's hardware products are all based on the Blum brand.

Multi-function basket, with the function of seasoning basket, as well as the storage of kitchen knives and chopsticks, spoons, shovel and other items. There are usually 3-4 knives in the house, including cut vegetables, scallions, and cooked food. Sometimes we buy a knife holder in the kitchen appliance market, but it is often placed on the countertop, so that it can be placed on the table. On the countertop, you have to be smoked, and if the knife is not dry, put it directly into the knife holder, and there will be mold in the water. The spoon and shovel are hung directly in the basket, and there is a water tray at the bottom of the basket so that the cabinet does not get wet. At the same time, seasonings, chopsticks, small cutting boards, forks, etc. can also be ordered. Due to the strong function of the multi-function basket, the customer chooses very popular, and it is also one of the most important baskets in the whole kitchen.

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