Exquisite Packaging: Creating a Healthy Life

Life details reflect refined attitude

If we look closely, we will find more and more people: they pursue the quality and quality of life, show their individuality everywhere, and lead new trends in all fields; they focus on marital quality, emotional quality and the quality of family life. Work hard to improve the taste of life and make unremitting efforts...
The key to pursuing the taste of life lies in the details of life. From a small button to a large room design, the owner's pursuit is everywhere. In terms of diet, the humble cooking oil is exactly the most important part of human health. Ten years ago, it was safer to line up oil from huge oil drums in grain stores. The emergence of hygienic small packaged edible oils has changed people's oil habits; today, people have gone from the pure pursuit of taste to the emphasis on flavors. ? Choose nutrition? Emphasize the gradual transition to the pursuit of the overall quality of the product, including even the exquisite fashion of product packaging.

Refined packaging refresh oil claim
At present, there are a variety of edible oil varieties and brands on the market, and the noise of illegal propaganda is endless. However, “savvy” urbanites now not only focus on oil categories, but also pay attention to the quality of the product, in addition to requiring balanced nutrition.

â–  Discard the plastic bucket

A study by Prof. Li Shuguang of the Basic Medical School of Tongji University found that: “When plastic oil is used in plastic drums, plasticizers will be dissolved in edible oils.” Industrial and commercial workers had reminded consumers in their previous quality surveys to try to Glass, iron, ceramics and other utensils are used to hold edible oils. Because plasticizers contained in plastics have certain toxic effects on the human body.

Due to the significant impact of containing containers on the quality of edible oils, it is imperative to completely change the packaging situation on the current market. However, the current national standards do not include plasticizers as physicochemical indicators for the inspection of edible oils, so they can only rely on the sense of social responsibility of manufacturers.

In order to protect the quality of edible oils from unnecessary damage, the high-quality cooking oils of COFCO Group are used to contain edible oils in glass bottles. They confidently produce excellent oils with no impurities. The most discerning eye. Using glassware to avoid the pollution of oil products by harmful substances, while being crystal clear, the stylish appearance also makes consumers shine. The most important thing is that COFCO hopes to lead the direction of healthy packaging through its own actions and consciously contribute to human health.

â–  Exquisite small quantity

In the usual sense, “small-packaged edible oil” refers to edible oil that is packaged and sold within 10 liters of a barrel of edible oil that has been separated from the past as a unit. At present, the high-end cooking oil is usually smaller than the minimum packaging unit of the small-packaged edible oil, and it is truly an exquisitely small-sized package.

Small packaging provides a way for consumers to regularly eat fresh oil. Many consumers pay attention to the shelf life of the product when purchasing the product, but they ignore the unpacked cooking oil. In the kitchen where the temperature is high, oxidation will occur at a very rapid rate, and the shelf life indicated on the package cannot be used. The delicately packaged cooking oil will not be stored for a long time and it is relatively easy to keep it fresh. Taking “niche” edible oil as an example, there are two kinds of glass bottled products, 250ml and 500ml, and the double-sealed design can also ensure that the sealed bottle mouth is not exposed to air after it is opened. Therefore, people who do not often cook do not have to worry about not eating a bottle of oil for a long time.

Small changes bring fundamental changes
The high work intensity of modern society has made a miracle in business and technology, but it has excessively consumed people's bodies. Concentrate on managing a business, managing a family, and often there is no time to manage your own health. Many people are very clear about the current work, lifestyle is not good for health, and even hidden dangers for the disease, but they always feel powerless to change.

In fact, change does not have to be a big move. The idea of ​​exquisite life emphasizes attention to detail, and it takes a lot of effort to let people experience healthy achievements and care for their own sweetness.

In addition to the “noxiousness” in the special selection of oil packaging materials, the maximum degree of assurance of oil pollution, the small amount of exquisite packaging also complies with the trend of health with oil. Prof. Hong Zhaoguang, a renowned cardiovascular specialist in the country, advised consumers at the “2006 Annual Nutrition and Health of Edible Oils” seminar that consumers should appropriately mix some high-quality oils even if they do not completely change their oil habits. For example, in the same period of consumption of three pounds of peanut oil with the consumption of 1 kg of walnut oil. This has a good effect on the balance between intake of fat, cholesterol, and various fatty acids and micronutrients.

Replace old-fashioned plastic barrels in your home for cooking oil and let urban men and women feel the rhythm of a healthy lifestyle!

Source: Health Vision