Mineralized bio-degradable plastic

Patent Name: Mineralized Photobiodegradable Plastic

Patent number: CN1480484

Public date: 2004203210

The invention relates to a completely degradable plastic which absolutely does not contain starch, does not contain a photosensitizer, and has a degradation rate of 100%. It is made of polyolefin, mineral substance, coupling agent, dispersant, degrading agent and other special equipments by high-temperature kneading. It is first made into full degradable plastic masterbatch, and then it is combined with polyolefin to make all kinds of degradable plastic agricultural film and food bag. , garbage bags, bags, disposable tableware, etc. It overcomes the disadvantages of high-temperature processing of starch-based degradable plastics, easy carbonization, high cost, unsatisfactory degradation effects, and photosensitizers used in photodegradable plastics, which contain harmful substances, are expensive, and are difficult to control in degradation time. The product of the invention does not contain toxic and harmful substances, the degradation rate is 100%, the degradation time is adjustable, the cost is low, and the investment is small, which is beneficial to the promotion of large areas, and can completely eliminate the “white pollution”.

Source: Engineering Plastics Applications