Introduce a Way to Improve the Printing Force of PS Plates

Under normal circumstances, after a certain number of printing, the graphics on a certain part of the printing plate will be given off first, while the other parts of the picture are still intact, thus affecting the printing power of the PS version. In the work practice, the author found that This is an effective method to increase the resistance to print force in the first part of flowers and graphics. During the printing process, the exposure time of the easy-to-send flower graphic part can be shortened, and other graphic parts can be exposed normally. As for how easy it is to shorten the exposure time of the first graphic part, it should be based on its own conditions and the conventional printing data. Our factory adopts Huaguang brand type II PS plate, the light source for the printing is 6kW iodine lamp, the exposure time is 12 ~ 13s, when the printing version can be the first part of the text of the flower exposure 12s, the other part of the exposure 12s+12s=24s .
The specific method of operation is as follows:

1. Put the PS plate and film into the printing machine and evacuation.
2. Apply transparent adhesive tape on the glass of the printing machine to apply paper that blocks iodine light, such as white paper and black paper. The position of the paper is aligned with the graphic part of the flower that was first printed during the printing process. It is required to cover the first flower. Graphic part.
3. Expose it once (for example, 12 s), then peel off the shading paper and expose it again (for example, 12 s).
Practice has proved that through the above partial cover exposure method of drying PS version, its resistance to India can increase 20,000 to 30,000.

Source: Printing Technology