The perfect collision between European classical style and modern minimalist style wardrobe

[ Chinese wardrobe network ] The overall wardrobe has entered China for more than 10 years, and has gradually gained the favor of Chinese consumers with its advantages of fashion, environmental protection, professionalism and taste. In terms of design style, China's overall wardrobe has taken advantage of the four foreign genres, and has added more Chinese elements to form its own characteristics, making it more in line with the aesthetic concept of Chinese consumers.

When choosing the color matching of the home, it is necessary to take into account the hue, brightness, use environment and the family population and cultural taste of the wardrobe. This is because the hue and brightness of the wardrobe color can influence the appetite and mood of the object.

The overall wardrobe is cleverly designed and perfectly matched with the other colors of the furniture, and the effect of the integration makes the user's home more atmospheric and tasteful. In the specific design and decoration process, the designer should choose the overall wardrobe of the design style, how to achieve the natural decoration effect, how to reflect the home taste of the home owner, is a problem that many designers should consider. Below, we will discuss with you through two specific cases.

Case 1: European classical and natural

European wardrobe

European classical style wardrobe

The European-style classic style is first of all a luxurious atmosphere, and then more is a comfortable high-quality life. The European-style classic-style wardrobe has matured and meticulous appearance, professional and exquisite structure design, and exquisite detail processing. It reflects the style of stability, vitality, natural warmth, elegance and honor, and will respect the taste of life and stability, and be calm and unwilling. The life style is beautiful and harmonious. Most of these consumer groups are mostly social elites. They are outstanding groups with high career, deep thoughts, and family and social responsibilities.

Mr. Wang is a successful person with more than 40 talents. He studied in Germany in his early years and has a lot of research on Western culture. Their home is a set of more than 180 flat four-bedroom, the overall decoration style is mainly European classical. In order to match the overall decoration style of Mr. Wang's home, we helped him choose a set of Huahe European classical style solid wood wardrobe.

This is a typical European style, called the Locke Court series, which is based on European classical style, and incorporates a few Chinese elements to make it look more harmonious. The most prominent of these is its unique column design.

The column consists of a column body, a stigma, and a column foot. It is typically representative of the Athena Patti Temple column in Greece. It is not only visually smooth, but also incorporates the classical and elegant beauty of the West. The one selected for Mr. Wang is the most commonly used Corinthian European column, which pursues the pursuit of feminine and smooth lines. Moreover, the embossed pattern of the stigma, the column foot and the seesaw pattern are edulis leaves and edgy flowers, and the embossed pattern for embossing on the embossing line is ranunculus. The design not only emphasizes the beauty, but the special medicinal properties of the donkey also imply a healthy meaning, which is more suitable for Chinese home style.

Its material is made of high-grade walnut walnut wood imported from Russia. It is not only clear and natural in texture, environmentally friendly and durable, but also has a strong atmosphere with European classical style from another aspect. Elegant and distinguished style complement each other. In addition, the unique door opening design overcomes the problems of sealing, opening and space use of the commonly used sliding doors, which is more convenient to use and can increase the storage space as much as possible.

Case 2: Modern simplicity and elegance

Modern minimalist style wardrobe

Modern minimalist style wardrobe

Simple but not simple. Each minimalist design is an extension of thoughtful and innovative design and ideas. The simple style of the simple wardrobe and the strong functionality make it more fashionable, indifferent and elegant, and it is one of the most popular design styles on the market. The overall wardrobe of this style is the favorite of the social backbone and the post-80s group who have rigid demand for real estate consumption.

Ms. Yuan is an editor of a magazine in tourism. She is a representative post-80s fashion urban woman who will marry her boyfriend who has been in love for 4 years at the end of the year. Although the size of the house is not large, Miss Yuan attaches great importance to environmental protection and fashion. In addition, Miss Yuan has a very high taste for home improvement, and the decoration materials and furniture used are all world-class brands. In the process of choosing the wardrobe, we chose a whole wardrobe with a unique opening design of Huahe simple style. The overall wardrobe and other furniture's elegant style make the whole room look stylish and charm.

The above is a very typical case of two overall wardrobe selections, and the overall wardrobe style chosen is also the most fashionable. In addition, one thing to remind everyone is that in the actual selection process, one of the most important principles to follow is the combination of style and harmony. Only in this way can the whole home look more atmospheric, comfortable and tasteful without causing a sense of oppression.

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