The importance of a sound tableware disinfection system

Strengthening the quality supervision of food and beverage (kitchen) disinfection work is one of the effective measures to maintain the health of officers and soldiers. It is also an important part of health supervision work for health and epidemic prevention personnel. Health supervisors must have strong business abilities and qualities, good professional ethics and self-cultivation, and strong sense of law and responsibility in order to perform their duties. It is necessary to rationally select and reasonably cultivate professional talents to truly serve the officers and men. At the same time, the improvement of the quality, cultivation and responsibility of health supervisors and the enhancement of their ability to work are also good ways to solve the problem of insufficient allocation of health supervision personnel.

Set up a full-time or part-time meal (kitchen) with disinfection personnel. With the increasingly rationalization of the company's hardware construction, the meal has been greatly improved, and the meal (kitchen) has neatly arranged, how to place and how to manage the early formation system. However, there are still some invisible soft indicators such as disinfection of meals (kitchen), and it is necessary to set up a full-time disinfection personnel. It is also possible to take a part-time job from the perpetrators and implement a personal responsibility system to achieve uniform disinfection and unification. Cleaning, centralized management. Such personnel are trained in disinfection procedures, types, methods, and influencing factors. This will not only meet the actual situation of the troops, but also can well grasp the quality of disinfection and avoid the disinfection work in the form.

Improve the disinfection system and strengthen the technical guidance. In view of the current status of military sanitation and disinfection work, the epidemic prevention department should assist the health administrative department to take the initiative to actively enforce the law and formulate uniform standards and requirements for public places in the camp, such as sanitation cleaning system, disinfection method selection, Selection and preparation methods of disinfectant.

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