Food pesticide residue detection automation program

Food and pesticide detection is no longer a complicated and cumbersome thing! Automate the experimental process with Chemspeed Swing QuEChERS (fully automated high-throughput sample preparation workstation). Modular design and flexible tools and reactors can meet the needs of different workflows, bring high accuracy and reproducible results, and can challenge complex and difficult tasks that humans cannot. For more information on food pesticide residue testing programs, please log in:

Carry On Silicone Travel Bottles

Choose from 3 sets which feature different sized (89ml, 60ml, 37ml) bottles in assorted colors. Made from medical grade silicone material, The silicone is BPA free and non-toxic and is even safe for food. less than 100ml travel bottles TSA approved for airline travel.

Silicone travel bottlessilicone travel bottle

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Carry On Silicone Travel Bottles

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