Plastic preform conveying mechanism

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A plastic preform conveying mechanism for a stretch blow molding machine. The transmission chain in the existing transportation mechanism may cause drooping suspension and left and right shaking during the process of conveying the load, and the operation is not stable. The invention includes a drive wheel driven by a power device, a drive chain driven by the drive wheel, and a preform support seat installed on the drive chain. Each link of the drive chain includes an upper chain piece, a lower chain piece and a connection piece, and the connection is The sheet is connected to the upper chain and the lower chain of the adjacent chain links by a connecting pin. The upper end of the connecting pin is provided with a flange portion, the flange portion is matched with the driving wheel, and the connecting pin for mounting the preform support seat is a hollow pin; A pair of parallel positioning rails are mounted on both sides of the transmission chain and a symmetrical fall-preventing wheel is installed. The positioning rail supports the anti-dropping wheel on the plane. The invention effectively avoids the sagging of the transmission chain and the left and right shaking phenomenon, and improves the smoothness of the conveying.