Creative burst: interactive 3D printed wall Latex Pixels

Many industrial industries regard 3D printing technology as an affordable and convenient rapid prototyping technology. However, many artists have begun to use it to redefine many things that exist. Recently, recently graduated architect Seiya Kobayashi and interaction designer David Tracy created a wall made up of freestanding 3D printing modules.

Creative burst: interactive 3D printed wall Latex Pixels

Seiya Kobayashi is a freelance engineer working in New York and an expert in hardware and software molding. David Tracy is an interactive design expert with an architectural background who came up with this creative project idea. This wall is called Latex Pixels, and in fact it is a practical exploration of the alternative mobile structure concept in everyday life. The goal of the two designers is to make this wall a life interface that can be changed with instructions. These instructions include sending an email and other actions.

The Latex Pixels is a 3" printed wall with a size of 40" x 30". Theoretically it consists of 37 different interacting bodies, each of which is a hexagonal model. “Each model has a servo motor behind it that pushes the latex film in front of the model to make repeated bump changes. When people make instructions, the servo motor will act accordingly.”

Creative burst: interactive 3D printed wall Latex Pixels

It is said that these 3D printing modules are all designed by Rhino's software. The printer used is MakerBot Replicator 2, and the entire printing process took more than ten hours. A piezo sensor is mounted on each fader and is connected to a network interface written in JavaScript (p5.js).

Although the wall is still relatively small, the interactive design contained in it can influence the concept of the building but it is full of meaning. Clicking on the phone screen will make the wall change quietly, which is undoubtedly a super interesting scene. Can you imagine that the roof in the future can change on the rainy day to prevent water accumulation? Can the sidewalk automatically become a non-slip mode on snowy days?

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