The essentials of controlling water-ink balance operation during printing

We often say that printing with the smallest amount of ink and the smallest amount of water in the printing process is actually to achieve and find a balance, that is, a printing water-ink balance that needs to be found for the purpose of restoring customer originals. In the printing process, the absolute balance of water and ink does not exist, just a relative balance, and there is no clear limit or reliable data to reflect, but there are rules to follow. To control the water-ink balance, first of all, we must ensure the specific conditions and conditions of the machine.

The hardness of the original water in the ideal fountain solution should be 8 ~ 12dH, the pH value of the prepared fountain solution should be between 4.8 ~ 5.5, the conductivity should be controlled at 800 ~ 1800 microseconds, and the temperature of the fountain solution should be controlled at 10 ~ 15 ℃. At the same time, the printing operator should know that the temperature of the fountain solution is too low will cause water droplets to condense in the water tank and the pipeline, which will fall on the printed product during production and cause the defective product. The fountain solution needs to ensure that the ink-water balance can be found smoothly when the above conditions are met, otherwise it will easily break the balance that has been reached.
Water and ink sticks can ensure the normal transmission of water and ink within the required hardness and pressure range. Normal water stick hardness can be used in the range of 24 ~ 28 ℃ and ink sticks in the range of 28 ~ 34 ° C. The hardness of water and ink sticks will increase with the increase of use time. Check the hardness. At the same time, it is necessary to ensure the normal pressure adjustment of the water and ink sticks. The pressure of the ink stick is determined according to the width of the crimping line during the adjustment, according to the characteristics of each printing machine, and adjusted according to the factory requirements of the printing equipment. The adjustment pressure of the normal ink stick is about 3 to 4 mm, and the pressure of the water stick is adjusted in the range of 6 to 8 mm. Excessive pressure will increase the wear of the water and ink stick, and will also affect the transfer of water and ink.
Improper printing adjustments are often a major cause of ink and ink imbalance. When adjusting the machine normally, the water consumption and ink consumption should be adjusted in time according to the size of the printing ink, but many operators often just adjust the ink consumption and neglect to adjust the printing water consumption, especially from large ink printing to small printing. The amount of ink is easier to ignore when printing, making it difficult to achieve the balance of water and ink. In addition, a good printing environment is a prerequisite for ensuring good prints. The normal printing environment requires that the temperature be controlled at 24 to 26 ° C and the humidity be controlled at 55% to 65%, which will greatly help the transfer of ink and the control of water volume. .
The writer is: Production Director of Lihua Color Printing (Kunshan) Co., Ltd.

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