Carefully select the cloakroom storage solution to enhance your personal image

[ Chinese wardrobe network ] has an oversized cloakroom, which is the dream of a woman in the world. The cloakroom is a life attitude, the cloakroom is a narcissistic way, and the cloakroom is a social form... Here you gather your tastes, preferences, wealth and ambitions, and it is also a place where you feel satisfied and happy! Hard to use a formula to express, then the final conclusion must be: cloakroom = your personal image. How to improve your personal image depends on your daily storage.

Cloakroom design

For the long metal frame, the small tag will come in handy. You can choose different hangtags to distinguish between different types of clothes, attach an envelope to the back of the cabinet, and put some blank hangtags and tethers in case you need them.

Cloakroom storage

The most common hangers can be used to hang silk scarves, ties, or light shirts.

Overall cloakroom

The wardrobe created by the corner space can be used to place some large glove boxes to make the corners fully utilized. The most indispensable in the open cloakroom is a variety of storage boxes with lids, neatly placed to avoid mess.

Plush Trolley Backpack

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