Hao Laike TA cover door body F2 blinds wardrobe simple and trendy practical

[ Chinese wardrobe network ] Modern fashion is the favorite home style of the urban elite. A custom-made wardrobe with a unique design and individuality can add a lot of fashion to your home life. Today, I want to give everyone a review of the wardrobe is a good Lai Ke TA cover door F2 louver wardrobe, for the pursuit of fashion trends, this wardrobe is a good choice for you.

Hao Laike TA cover door body F2 blinds wardrobe evaluation
Evaluation brand: Good rai
Evaluation products: Hao Laike TA cover door F2 louver wardrobe
main material: Wood tree leaf, MDF, 18mm thick board
Evaluation project: Appearance, function, material, edge banding, laminate, frame, clothing, fitting mirror, handle, craft

Hao Laike TA cover door F2 louver wardrobe


The look of this wardrobe looks very simple and simple, and the new-style taste is also very full; the color of the wardrobe is unified into the color of the silver sand, like the color of lavender, it is very eye-catching. It has no atmospheric appearance and no palatial color, but the fine taste can capture the simplicity and elegance of it, and it can't hide its four charms. Of course, because of the reference to the ancient Chinese style, consumers of European-style home-style styles can consider changing colors.

Good Lai wardrobe

[Function area]

Hurley's TA cover door F2 louver overall wardrobe height is 2750mm, has always been the top of the ceiling, its storage space is very rich, there are dozens of large and small lockers, including specially designed stacking area , tie area, hanging area, size L area, drawers, pants rack, curved storage area, etc., so classified, can make the clothing storage well, storage capacity is relatively strong. Of course, consumers can choose to customize according to their needs.

Good Lai wardrobe evaluation


The wardrobe cover is made of the more fashionable wood-plastic F2 louver, which is made by one-time pressing with new technology. It is different from traditional MDF, waterproof and anti-deformation, feels very touched, and is environmentally friendly and fresh. It can be recycled and reused. .

Hao Laike TA cover door F2 louver wardrobe

The cabinet is made of 18mm thick E1 medium-density fiberboard, which is fashionable and environmentally friendly. The board is printed with the good security logo. The netizens will find that the color of the plate sample in the above picture is different from the color of this cabinet. As explained here, the materials are the same, the sample plate is a red color, and the wardrobe is silver sand.

Good Lai wardrobe

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Hao Laike TA cover door body F2 louver wardrobe evaluation summary

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