Brief analysis of the application of digital watermarking in printing and packaging

There are a lot of prints, such as certificates, certificates, stamps, magnetic cards, publications, audio-visual products covers, currency valuable tickets, admission tickets, receipts, advertisements, calendar desk calendars, business cards, passports and other digital watermarks can be applied to These products are printed in anti-counterfeiting, but the design of each anti-counterfeiting scheme will be different. The following is an example to introduce the application scheme of digital watermarking in the printing and packaging of wine products. The anti-counterfeiting scheme of other printed products can be referred to.

1. Make discrete and non-discrete, visible and invisible digital watermark anti-counterfeiting electronic labels on the inner and outer packaging boxes, so that it does not change the production process, and can effectively prevent counterfeiters from making large-scale counterfeiting and facilitating consumer consumption. The intuitive identification and tool detection of the operators and logistics staff also help the market management staff to crack down on detection.

2. Make digital watermark anti-counterfeit labels. It is affixed to the seal of the package, the opening of the bottle cap, and the joint of the bottle cap and the bottleneck. This is mainly to prevent small-scale counterfeiters from recycling old packaging and reusing it. The technical scheme is to add invisible non-discrete digital watermarks and invisible discrete digital watermarks anti-counterfeiting information with different contents to trademarks or appropriate dishes for manufacturers, sales departments, distribution and circulation to master the management of anti-counterfeiting information. . Consumers or managers of non-discrete watermarks can easily identify the authenticity of products through the special detection tools for digital watermarks distributed to sales outlets: discrete watermarks are uniquely extracted by special digital watermark extraction equipment or software to identify the authenticity of watermarks.

3. The use of non-discrete, invisible digital watermarks on the inner and outer packaging with hidden area marking can achieve directional production and directional sales. Prevent regional channeling.

4. If the manufacturer needs, they can also make and provide a "Digital Coding Computer Logistics Management System" on the anti-counterfeiting label or sticker, which organically combines the anti-counterfeiting and the logistics management system. Improve the manufacturer's computer management efficiency.

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