Identification of medium

1. EMB medium: commonly used to identify E.coli peptone 10g lactose 5g sucrose 5g dipotassium hydrogen phosphate 2g eosin Y 0.4g methylene blue 0.065g distilled water 1000g pH7.2 II. 2216E medium formula: medium for separating marine microorganisms Formula, peptone 5g yeast extract 1g high-speed iron phosphate 0.01g agar 15 ~ 20g old seawater 1000ml boiled sodium hydroxide (5%) solution to adjust the PH value 7.6 ~ 7.8. Third, eosin blue medium: can be used to detect E. coli in water The basic medium is first prepared according to the following composition, peptone 10g NaCl 5g, agar 15 ~ 20g. After dissolving the above substances, dilute to 1000mL with distilled water, adjust the pH to 7.6. After sterilization, cool to about 60 ℃, Then according to the following ratio, add sterile lactose solution, eosin solution and methylene blue solution under sterile operating conditions. After shaking, pour the plate immediately. The lactose in the solution will be destroyed at high temperature, so it is generally sterilized under the conditions of pressure 70kPa and temperature 115 ° C for 20min. 4. Basic medium 100mL 20% lactose solution 2mL: 2% eosin solution 2mL 0.5% methylene blue solution 1mL.

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