Hamilton Experimental Animal Microinjector--LASI System

Animal Research Injection Instrument-LASI System
The full name of LASI is the laboratory animal research injection instrument, which is a high-precision fluid dispenser produced by Hamilton. LASI uses a foot switch to control the instrument, which can dilute and dispense very small samples. The entire fluid stroke of LASI includes valves, syringes and needles, of which the needles are designed for animal experiments.

(1) High precision and accuracy;
(2) Unique syringe and needle design;
(3) Save time and reduce LASI experiment errors;

Semi-automatic fluid measurement system

main feature:
LASI is a high-performance dilution dispenser based on the industrial standard syringe technology of Hamilton, Switzerland. The ML510 module can dilute liquid samples with a volume of 25 nL-25 µL; the accuracy of 2.5-25 µL is 1%, the accuracy is 0.2%, and the accuracy is 0.0% at 0.025uL.

The high utilization rate of the sample, the precision and accuracy of the Hamilton syringe and valve combination can recycle the sample. The push rod of the Hamilton 25 µL syringe has a hollow design, which allows the sample to flow out from its rear end. This design enables the valuable samples to be fully utilized.

Needle characteristics
24 inches long, good flexibility, 32 gauge needle size, dead volume is less than 5µL; outer surface coated with Teflon; manual operation or connected instrument operation.

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