CO2 incubator operation guide

CO2 incubator operation guide
1. How to use

1. The carbon dioxide incubator installs the supplied pressure relief valve on the carbon dioxide cylinder. There must be no air leakage at the joints. Do not open the cylinder temporarily. Connect the pressure-reducing valve output connector with a rubber tube (which can be replaced by a rubber tube with an outer diameter of φ8 and an inner diameter of φ4 used on the sphygmomanometer) and the CO2 intake pipe connector at the upper back of the CO2 box. gas.

2. Wipe the working room of the CO2 box with alcohol, turn on the power switch of the ultraviolet lamp on the back of the box, and disinfect for 1-2 hours.

3. Connect the faucet to the water inlet on the upper left side of the cabinet with a water hose. The water jacket type CO2 box operates accordingly!

4. Turn on the power, set the power switch to "1", and the green indicator light is on.
a. The water jacketed CO2 tank must be filled with water first. The steps are as follows:

Turn on the faucet, slowly add water to the water tank, and gradually increase with the water level. When the low water level indicator is off, wait for 3-5 seconds to stop adding water. At this time, the water level is between the low and high water levels. On, the equipment can be put into operation. When no water is added above the low water level, the low water level indicator lights and there is a buzzer alarm. If there is too much water, after the high water level indicator lights, the water will overflow from the overflow port behind the tank. The rubber tube should be straightened out about 300mm). Until the high water level indicator goes off 2-3 seconds, then plug the water drain plug tightly. When the low water level alarms, water should be added in time, otherwise the temperature controller stops heating.

b. Adjust the temperature setting to the required temperature (for example, 37 ℃), the heating indicator (green) should be on, indicating that heating is in progress. (Note: If the ambient temperature exceeds 25 ° C, use an air conditioner to reduce the ambient temperature.)

c. Set the carbon dioxide control switch to "0". (Turn off the solenoid valve, because the solenoid valve will heat when it is energized for a long time without carbon dioxide incubation, which will affect the life of the solenoid valve.)

d. After the temperature reaches the set value. Open the carbon dioxide cylinder. (Before opening, the pressure reducing valve should be loosened as much as possible to prevent the output pressure of the pressure reducing valve from being too high and causing the gas hose to burst!) The intake pressure gauge on the pressure reducing valve indicates the pressure of carbon dioxide in the cylinder, slowly Turn the pressure reducing valve knob clockwise. Make the output pressure of the pressure reducing valve indicate 0.05Mpa, and the pointer is in the middle of the scale line. At this time, use the dial to set the carbon dioxide concentration (adjusted to 5% when shipped from the factory). Before turning on the carbon dioxide control switch, turn off the air flow meter and carbon dioxide flow meter. The carbon dioxide controller displays "1", and carbon dioxide enters the inner chamber at this time. As the concentration increases, the carbon dioxide controller displays the carbon dioxide concentration value, and when it reaches the set value, the device automatically switches to the air and carbon dioxide supplemental gas state. At this time, the air flow meter float should be adjusted to indicate 760 ml / min (adjusted at the factory), and the carbon dioxide flow meter float should be indicated at 40 ml / min (adjusted at the factory); if the float deviates from the above value, it can be Adjust the flowmeter knob until 760 ml / min (air) and 40 ml / min (carbon dioxide) are accurate. (After opening and closing the box door, the air flow meter has no flow in a short time, and the flow rate of the CO2 flow meter is also less than 40ml / min. This is a normal phenomenon)

e. The factory is generally adjusted to 5% ± 0.3% carbon dioxide concentration, which can meet the requirements of the majority of users.

f. When the temperature reaches the set value, the fluctuation is within ± 0.5 ℃, and the carbon dioxide concentration also reaches the requirements, then the cell culture can be carried out. Put in the water tray to make the humidity meet the requirements.

g. After using the machine for the first time or after a long period of non-use, the machine should be operated according to the above requirements, and should be checked for contamination in the box before formal cultivation.

5. Shut down

After the cultivation is completed, open the door to take out the Petri dish, and put the non-Petri dish back (note whether the distilled water in the water tray needs to be replenished). If the cultivation is stopped, the CO2 cylinder should be closed first, then the air flow meter and the carbon dioxide flow meter should be closed, the CO2 intake switch should be set to the "0" position, and finally the main power supply should be turned off. If it is not to be used for a long time, the water tray should be taken out, and the studio should be dried. With the CO2 inlet switch closed, the CO2 box should be turned on at 37 ℃ for 2 hours to dry the studio and then cut off the main power supply.

Second, the door temperature adjustment method

The machine was adjusted at 37 ° C when leaving the factory. If the water mist on the glass door in the winter is too large to see the cultured items in the box, you can adjust the door temperature knob on the back of the CO2 box and turn it to the right ( (In the direction of increasing temperature) until the contents in the box can be seen clearly; if the actual temperature in the box is higher than the set temperature in summer, turn the adjusting knob to the left (that is, in the direction of temperature decrease) until the temperature in the box 37 ° C.

3. Fan adjustment method

In use, the air volume will not only affect the uniformity of the temperature in the box until it affects the control temperature. If in use, the excessive air volume affects the culture items, you can adjust the fan speed knob on the back of the CO2 box until the demand is met.

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