What is the role of the Brother Multifunction?

The MFP itself has a variety of functions that enable color printing at a lower price than a typical printer. Said that the MFP has to mention the brother MFP. So what is the role of the Brother MFP?

The MFP is literally understood and certainly has many features. The Brother Multifunction is one of the classic models. Among them, the MFP can be completed by the support of the printing function whether it is the copy function or the receiving fax function. Therefore, the MFP can be subdivided into two categories: “inkjet type product” and “laser type product”. The price of the former will be relatively cheaper.

Why is it that the most typical representative is the Brother Multifunction? Because the laser-type multifunction integrated machine can simultaneously realize color printing at a relatively low price, the cost at the time of use is relatively high. Moreover, the laser type multi-function integrated machine itself is relatively expensive, and only black and white printing effects can be achieved in models below 10,000 yuan, but its advantage is that the unit cost consumption in use is much lower than that of the ink jet type.

Although in theory, the functions of the MFP are many, such as: copying, printing, faxing, scanning, etc., as far as the actual product is concerned, it can be called as many as long as it has more than two functions. The function is all in one. There are two types of all-in-one machines that are often seen on the market today. One is an all-in-one machine with three functions. The three functions are printing, copying, and scanning. There is also a more than four functions, namely fax, scanning, printing, copying, and the Brother MFP has most of its functions.

I believe that so much, everyone must understand the role of the brother multifunction machine. Then choose a good one machine, it will greatly help and improve your work life.

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