Lin Pin Instruments: Experimental purpose and experimental conditions of high and low temperature impact box

Experimental purpose and conditions of high and low temperature impact box:

The purpose of the test: to determine the adaptability of the tested sample when the surrounding atmospheric temperature changes rapidly.

High and low temperature impact box test conditions:

Test temperature: set according to the test method in the standard, test temperature retention time: 1h or until the test sample reaches temperature stability, whichever is longer.

Conversion time: not more than 5min, recovery time: not more than 30min, cycle times: according to standard test methods.

Requirements of high and low temperature impact box:

Relevant standards should use a test box or a high temperature box and a low temperature box for cold and hot shock tests to provide the ambient temperature at which the test sample undergoes a sudden change in the ambient air temperature.

The requirements of the high temperature zone shall meet the requirements stipulated in Article 3 of GJB150.3-86 "High Temperature Test of Environmental Test Methods for Military Equipment". The requirements of the low temperature zone shall meet the requirements stipulated in Article 3 of Chapter 3 of GJB150.4-86 "Environmental Test Methods for Military Equipment".

The high-temperature test part and the low-temperature test part are provided in the temperature change zone, and shall meet the requirements stipulated in Article 3 of GJB150.3-86 and GJB150.4-86, respectively. The inner volume of the box should ensure that the temperature of the test box (chamber) can reach the stipulation in GJB150.1-89 when the test sample is placed in the candidate and exceeds 10% of the test temperature holding time.

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