Cloth sofa summer strategy

The summer climate, including ultraviolet light, temperature, and light, will affect the life and beauty of the Fabric Sofa, so here is a small editor of the Ruilongyijia Sofa brand to teach you how to maintain.

How to maintain in the summer: Due to the sun exposure and temperature changes in the summer, the sofas that are dry and comfortable will be tightened and faded. The dust on the sofa is often removed with a vacuum cleaner or a brush to prevent dust or stains from remaining in the fibers for a long time.
Color heatstroke prevention: Ruilong Yijia Xiaobian recommends choosing a fabric color suitable for summer: yellow is bright and soft, but it is best to use lighter yellow; green can eliminate work fatigue and stress, let emotions relax, and white, yellow, blue Colors and other colors are more suitable; blue generally gives a refreshing, refreshing feeling, and is best matched with white.

Dining Chair

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