Ozone aging box GBT13642-1992 standard name and scope of application

Ozone aging test chamber standard GB/T13642-1992 "Vulcanized rubber ozone aging test dynamic tensile test method"

Since the ozone aging of vulcanized rubber is usually under stress, that is, under strain, the aging test of vulcanized rubber can be divided into two methods: static strain and dynamic strain. The ozone aging test chamber GB/T13642-1992 standard method is to stipulate the ozone aging test of the sample under dynamic tensile state. It is different from the static tensile test method and is therefore called the dynamic tensile test method. This test method uses manual simulation and strengthens the ozone factor in the atmosphere and the use state of the vulcanized rubber. It is carried out in a constant temperature and non-illuminated test chamber, which specifies the dynamic device, sample specifications, various test conditions and test procedures. Therefore, it is suitable for evaluating the performance of vulcanized rubber against ozone aging under dynamic tensile conditions, as with the international standards used in the reference. The dynamic tensile test method is in line with the actual use state of the rubber product, and its simulation is better, and the test result is closer to reality. Therefore, it is an important means for quickly detecting the aging of the material and improving the quality of the rubber product.


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