Coreldraw in the method and skills

The CorelDraw Handbook of Intractable Diseases collected the questions raised by the author Muping and colleagues in graphic design, and the questions raised by Baidu's CD bar, and combined them with practical operations and problems encountered in the work. Some of these questions refer to the responses of friends and people on the Internet. For those unclear or questionable questions, the authors personally verified their operability and authenticity with CorelDraw9 and CorelDraw13, and collected them here.

This tutorial is a series of serialized tutorials. Welcome everyone to pay attention to it.

Q: How do you figure out Coreldraw?

A: Really want to do a detailed map, the proposal is still better with Photoshop, Coreldraw although there are some ways you can map, but personally feel that the effect is not ideal.

The first one: Using the CorelPhotopaint tool, this is a bitmap processing tool similar to Photoshop.

Second: Edit bitmaps directly with CorelDraw's shape tools. It is to use the shaping tool to take a bitmap. By adding or deleting nodes, the curved node performs shaping of the outer contour of the bitmap to remove the outer bottom map. This is more convenient for relatively simple diagrams.

The third kind is to use bitmap color masks. The color masking tool in the filter adjusts an appropriate degree of expansion, and takes the background color to be selected, and the point application can also remove relatively monotonous background color maps, which are used to make transparent effects. The PS directly creates a PSD transparent background image with PS.

Fourth: use the image (in the container) this function. According to the outer contour of the middle image, a contour map is magnetically traced with a pencil or shell, and then the image is cropped using the image and frame precision cropping tool.

Fifth: Use interactive transparent tools. Mode: Standard, subtracted function.

Sixth: Use the material function of the interactive transparent tool.

Seventh kind: Use one of the mapping tools that Coreldraw brings - KNOCKOUT.

The CoreldrawX3 new version builds on the powerful CorelKnockOut. The enhanced graphics lab includes new controls that make it easier to capture images and have greater accuracy. Improvements include adding details, removing detail brushes, and making it easier to define areas that need to be pulled out. The undo and redo buttons can quickly correct mistakes, while the background mode allows the user to see the results of the map more clearly.