Differentiated printing

FM screening, 4 colors + 2 colors

FMsix's printing model was developed by MYCartons in the Netherlands in 2002 and then appeared at IPEX 2002 in the UK. Specifically, using FM screening, three unique inks, orange, blue, and green, are added in addition to the usual four-color platemaking inks. Since it is a six-color printing, the "orange and blue" or two colors of "orange and green" are adopted in the three types.

According to the mode of FM screening+4 color ink+2 color ink, it can bring out more than 85% tone reproduction, thus replacing spot color printing. This is mainly developed to reduce spot colors. Its greatest feature is that it only depends on lines, and the image is based on four-color plates. In the development process, we collaborated with world famous companies such as Creo, Kodak Polychrome Graphics, and MAN Roland. Today, this printing technology has contributed to packaging companies that increase productivity and add value.

5 color printing with metal tone

Metal FX was developed in 2003 by the UK's metal FX Technology. Performed publicly at Drupa 2004, it added silver ink in addition to CMYK inks to reproduce various metallic tones with 5 colors of ink. Become a new means of pursuing differentiation into the market.

It can be decomposed into five colors including silver ink and printed in five-color dots. However, the effect of metal tone can also be obtained by performing four-color printing on a vapor deposition paper, but the cost of raw materials is high. In order to reduce the cost, only five-color printing using silver ink was considered, and special effects can be exhibited according to different viewing angles. This is also one of the characteristics.

Tools that use this printing method are palettes, CDs with software input, user guides, samples with more than 600 colors, and color tables for UV and flexo.

This 5-color printing mode has already applied for a patent. If it needs to be introduced, it must be approved by metal FX. At present, four companies in Tokyo, led by Gulin Paper Industries, have signed a licensing agreement with the company.

To seek differentiated high-precision printing

It has already been mentioned above that more than half of the color offsets in the market are 4-color platemaking + 175-line screening. Both FMsix and metal FX are technologies developed for the field of packaging and printing. In Japan, despite the adoption of six-color printing in the packaging field, not long ago, the model of printing by FM + UV curing technology + 6-color printing published by Dainippon Ink & Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. has become the protagonist in the field of packaging and printing.

However, in Japan, in order to seek differentiation in recent years, many well-known printing companies have particularly advocated high definition printing. It is based on the screen line number of 300 or more as the standard to print, the current mainstream is 400-700 lines / inch, the advantage is to expand color saturation, improve the color reproduction range. Proofing must be done with a formal press. Management over-exposure to the PS version.

At present, its application range in Japan is extremely wide and it is popular with users. Reference examples, such as high-density platemaking + 200-line screening + 4-color offset printing, can be used to print morning scenes and grasslands. 283 line screening+4 color offset printing+CTP can be used to print waterfalls and environmental scenery, 200 lines of screening+4 color offset printing+pearlescent 2-color offset printing can be used to print flowers,400 line screening+6 color printing can be used to print high-end furniture and Appliances, 600-line screening + 4-color offset printing can be used to print night scenes, 700-line screening + 4-color offset printing can be used to print landscapes, FM screening + 6 color printing can be used to print herbs, 1000 screening + 5 color offset printing available To print Buddha or artifacts.

The most critical printing conditions for the above examples are that they need to be printed at once, and the proofing must be done on an official press.


The above has talked about the means by which printing companies seek to differentiate themselves and increase their added value. In order to develop new ideas early in the year, Zhi Xizhi's printing companies follow effective strategies and refer to techniques that allow their own conditions to escape from the old-fashioned circle and establish a new corporate image. It is hoped that many companies will agree with the importance of differentiated printing in the competitive environment of the market and create a new printing environment.