The effect of printing speed on the fixation fastness of imprint

The printing speed of the offset press has an influence on the printing pressure and the fastness of imprint fixation. Many examples show that when the printing speed is greatly increased, the printing pressure will also increase. This is because the increase in printing speed inevitably reduces the contact time of the corresponding points between the rigid rubber plates of the printing plates. This reduction in time means that the degree of incomplete contact between the printed surfaces increases, which is very dangerous. In order to effectively avoid the incomplete transfer of graphics and text caused by incomplete contact between the printing surfaces, the inadequate web sticking, the ink color is gray, and the imprinted ink color is not firmly fixed, it is necessary to use a large printing pressure. In this way, not only can the ink be transferred from the ink supply surface to the ink receiving surface faster, but also the ink can complete its ideal graphic transfer process in a shorter time.

Now, the speed of the offset printing machine is increasing very fast. The maximum printing speed reaches 15,000 sheets per hour. The speed of the machine is high. Its printing pressure must be increased accordingly. The reasons are:

1. The inability to increase the printing pressure to make up for the shortcomings caused by the imprint is short, the shortcomings of sturdy, empty, in order to improve the firmness of the imprint.

2. As the machine speed continues to increase, the radius of the drum must also decrease as the utilization factor of the drum increases. If the diameter of the cylinder is small, the compression width during the rolling process is reduced accordingly. The compression width during the rolling process is also reduced accordingly. If the printing pressure is not increased, the transfer of ink will also be affected.

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