2012 Huazhan Yunnan Office Equipment Supplies Exhibition

Date: 2012/03/23 to 2012/03/25

Host city: Kunming

Exhibition industry: office culture

Exhibition Hall: Kunming International Convention and Exhibition Center

Organizer: Sichuan Huazhan Culture Communication Co., Ltd.

Today, with the increasing popularity of digitalization, office equipment is bound to usher in a comprehensive digital upgrade. At the same time, the investment of major manufacturers in the office market has activated the new development of the traditional office market, and at the same time opened up a new look in the office era.

Looking around the country, office informationization has become one of the magnificent information projects that the Chinese government is building on, and the government office information system has become the engine of the office market. For enterprises, modern office equipment is regarded as one of the important factors to win in the fierce commercial competition because of its great role in improving office efficiency, which constitutes a great demand for modern office equipment.

2012 Huazhan Yunnan Office Equipment Supplies Exhibition is scheduled to be held on March 23-25, 2012 at Kunming International Convention and Exhibition Center in Yunnan. We sincerely welcome you!

Range of exhibition:

1. Office automation equipment: printers, fax machines, scanners, copiers, office supplies, ink cartridges, ink, ribbons, shredders, glue machines, binding machines, barcode machines, point detectors, office equipment accessories, communication equipment, Conference system, temperature control system, cutting equipment, electronic card reader, electronic board, chronograph, foreground system, etc.

2. Office supplies: office paper, pen, book, book, financial accounting supplies, whiteboard, desktop supplies, data management supplies, folder books, surveying and mapping supplies, binding supplies, daily labor insurance products, business gifts, desk layout and Service class

3. Office furniture and equipment: office furniture, conference room furniture, filing/storage equipment, modular systems, screens, reception furniture, office furniture hardware accessories, etc.

4. IT products and services: computers, notebooks and PDAs, computer consumables, software and hardware, various batteries, mobile storage, voice recorders, cameras and other digital products

5. Office security: access control system, CCTV camera or IP camera, electronic or manual security system, fire extinguisher and detection equipment, network and security equipment, monitoring system, etc.

6. AV equipment: sound system, LCD TV, plasma TV, projector and equipment, video system, etc.

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