Perfume bottle explosion related to material

With regard to car perfumes, the biggest safety issue lies in perfume bottles. Generally bad car perfume, high alcohol content, resulting in high temperature, can not be quickly volatile, coupled with poor quality glass bottles, will also explode before. A big factor in the safety of car perfumes is the quality of perfume bottles. In the summer of the year, the news of car perfume explosions is frequent and the safety of car perfume products is thought-provoking. For security, consumers are getting away. However, this is unfair to car perfume manufacturers and distributors. First of all, the explosive products are mostly inferior products. Secondly, there are many forms of car perfumes. The solid balm can prevent explosive events. Consumers can enjoy the sweet car space with peace of mind.  

The crystal perfume bottle has the “exclusive function” that the glass perfume bottle does not have. The car perfume bottle is exposed to sunlight all the year round. If the ordinary glass bottle is used, it is easy for the perfume inside to degenerate due to uneven heat, but it must be bottled with crystal perfume. Can extend the shelf life of perfumes to the maximum extent possible. Moreover, the “belly” of perfume bottles is particularly small, which is the standard 2ML10ML, and 2ML is the most scientific and reasonable capacity. Perfumes are too volatile for a one-time installation, and they are prone to deterioration for a long time. 2ML can In about 2 months, it can be used up before the deterioration of the perfume, to reduce waste, so the car crystal perfume bottle is your first choice, but also the first choice for car perfume.

At the same time, it is the responsibility of the company to guide consumers to the correct consumption. Consumers are blinded by the fake and shoddy products in the market and are thus harmed. This also hurts the image of the car perfume industry. This time borrowing 315 is the name of the automotive perfume industry, and it is also recommended that car perfume companies mostly speak for the industry.

This brush can brush a large area .
Its range of application: rough wall, semi smooth wall surface, smooth wall surface. We use different materials so that it can be used freely in any range. In the process, we can replace the sleeve, corresponding to different paint and wall, which can reduce costs.
Its size, diameter, nap, material can meet your needs.
Handle material: plastic, plastic. The handle of the plastic is light and easy to carry. The rubber handle has a high degree of comfort and a stronger sense of experience.
Production process: product production processes, handle molding, handle assembly, hair set production, processing, the size of the fleece fleece early treatment, hair set of fine processing, final assembly and packaging.
Each process will check the results of the previous process, as much as possible to reduce defective products, reduce the rate of defective products.

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